2NE1 CL - Elle Magazine October Issue ‘14

You know, I keep seeing those post about how Ichabbie is impossible because:

  • a. “They’re just friends”… you blind
  • or b. “He’s still married”… ever heard of divorce?
    And is he really married because I’m pretty sure the vows are 
    "Till death do us part" and well, I’m pretty sureboth of them died at least once, just saying
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Waiting in the light

Sleepy Hollow BTS: Nicole Beharie, Tom Mison, & Matt Barr strike a pose.
 Source: Larry Teng

#sh cast#wtf is tom doing?!#nicole beharie#tom mison#not daniel henney
OMG Lulu you’re killing meHe’s still a Golden Retriver to me

La tarde y las hierbas (versión) | Luis Mariano González

I am loaf

Katrina is evil
There, you have it… burn the witch

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"we’re out of witches" but Abbie’s great-great-grand mother was a witch right? So Abbie may or may not be a witch too?

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Team Mary (as long as she leaves Abbie alone)

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Nov. 4, 2012. Indian Muslim brides chat as they wait for the start of a mass wedding ceremony in Ahmedabad.
Sam Panthaky—AFP/Getty Images